Minimum age requirements

Legal age requirements for using the service

Last updated March 15, 2023 · 1 min to read

Our Terms of Service require users must be of the minimum age required to be able to legally consent to using the service. We may ask you for your birthday during signup or when you encounter age-restricted content - this information is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy to ensure users remain safe and cannot access age-restricted content if applicable.

We do not use this information in any other way beyond our legal obligations.

With exception to the countries listed below, the minimum age to use our platform is 13.

Country Age
Austria 14 years old
Bulgaria 14 years old
Croatia 16 years old
Cyprus 14 years old
Czech Republic 15 years old
France 15 years old
Germany 16 years old
Greece 15 years old
Hungary  16 years old
Ireland  16 years old
Italy  14 years old
Netherlands  16 years old
Poland  16 years old
Romania  16 years old
San Marino  16 years old
Serbia  16 years old
Slovakia  16 years old
Spain  14 years old
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