Guidelines for servers on Discover

Expectations and requirements of servers who wish to be on Revolt Discover

Last updated December 6, 2023 ยท 1 min to read

All servers on Discover are expected to:

  • Ensure users follow our Acceptable Usage Policy.

  • Ensure any associated off-platform community or website also abides by these rules.

  • Report and delete violating content within a reasonable timeframe.

    If we get multiple reports for lack of moderation your server may be:

    • Removed from Discover
    • Temporarily removed from the platform

    We may look at your server with further scrutiny in regards to past moderation.

  • Not be listed for the sole purpose of promoting an external service or website.

  • Not intentionally manipulate their own position on Discovery.

All servers on Discover are automatically enrolled on to:

  • Analytics: to provide activity ranking on Discover

  • Automatic Moderation: to provide better protection for new users on the platform

    Note: this is currently still in testing and has not been rolled out to all eligible servers yet.

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