Everything you need to know about badges

Last updated February 18, 2023 · 2 min to read

Badges are little images which (usually) signify some sort of contribution to Revolt. Badges are visible on your profile.

Name Badge Description Obtainable?
Developer Active or significant contributor to Revolt
Translator Helped translate Revolt into another language
Supporter Donated to Revolt (to get this badge, you must donate at least £3 and must either specify your Revolt ID when donating or show proof of your donation through PayPal or Ko-Fi)
Responsible Disclosure Found a security issue and responsibly disclosed it
Early Adopter Was one of the first one thousand users to join
Platform Moderation Part of the platform moderation team
Founder Founded Revolt
Paw paw
Raccoon raccoon 🦝
Relevant Joke Badge 1 Whatever the funny joke is at any given time
Relevant Joke Badge 2 Whatever the other funny joke is at any given time


Here's an example of how badges appear on a profile:


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